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Las tapaderas de la CIA ¡Conózcalas! (+Listado)

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A continuación publicamos el listado de más de 500 agencias, fundaciones y empresas que son parte de la Central Intelligence Agency¹s (CIA) y trabajan con ella en el área de la información y acción contra los pueblos y sus organizaciones políticas y sociales.

AALC, see Afro-American Labor Center

Acrus Technology

ADEP, see Popular Democratic Action

Advertising Center, Inc.

Aerojet General Corporation

Aero Service Corp. of Philadelphia

AFME, see American Friends of the Middle East

“African Report”

African-American Institute

Afro-American Labor Center (AALC) of

American Federation of Labor/Congress of Industrial Organization


Agencia Orbe Latinoamericano

Agency for International Development (AID)

Agribusiness Development, Inc.

AIFLD, see American Institute for Free Labor Development

Air America Air Asia Co., Ltd.

Air Proprietary Company

All Ceylon Youth Council Movement

Alliance for Anti-totalitarian Education

America Fore Insurance Group

American Academy for Girls

American Association of the Middle East

American Chamber of Commerce

American Committee for Liberation from Bolshevism, Inc.

American Committee for the Liberation of the People of Russia

American Committee for the International Commission of Jurists

American Economic Foundation

American Federation for Fundemental Research

American Federation of Labor/Congress of Industrial Organization


American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)

American Foundation for the Middle East

American Friends of the Middle East

American Friends of the Russian Freedom

American Friends Service Committee

American Fund for Czechoslovak Refugees

American Fund For Free Jurists

American Geographic Society

American Historical Society

American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD)

American Machine & Foundry

American Mutual Insurance Company

American Newspaper Guild

American Newspaper Publishers

Association American Oriental Society

American Political Science Association

American Red Cross

American Research Center in Egypt, Inc.

American Society of African Culture

American Institute of Cairo

American University – Special Operations Research Office

Ames Research Center

M.D. Anderson Foundation

ANSA (Italian Wire Service)

Antell, Wright & Nagel

Anti-Communist Christian Front

Anti-Communist Liberation Movement

Anti-Totalitarian Board of Solidarity with the People of Vietnam

Anti-Totalitarian Youth movement

Appalachian Fund

Arabian-American Oil Company

Area Tourist Association

Ashland Oil and Refining Company

Asia Foundation

Association of American Geographers

Association of Computing Machinery

Association of Friends of Venezuela

Association of Preparatory Students

Assoziation ungarischer Studenten in Nordamerika

“Atlantic Journals and Constitution”

Atomics, Physics & Science Fund, Inc.

Atwater Research Program in North Africa

* B *

David, Josephine & Winfield Baird Foundation, Inc.

Bank of America

Bank of California

Bank of Lisle

Bankers Trust Company

Baylor University

Beacon Fund (West)

Berliner Verein (West)

Berliner Verein zur Forderung der Bildungshilfe in Entwicklungslandern


Berliner Verein zur Forderung der Publizistik in Entwicklungslandern

Blythe & Company, Inc.

Boeing Company

Boni, Watkins, Jason & Company

Borden Trust Bories Trust

Boy Scouts of America

Brazilian Institute for Democratic Action (IBAD)

Broad and High Foundation

Brook Club

Brotherhood of Railway, Airline and Steamship Clerks, Freight

Handlers, Express and Station Employees

J. Frederick Brown Foundation

Burgerkomitee fur Au Benpolitik (SS)

Bulgarisches Nationales Zentrum

Burndy Corporation

Butte Pipe Line Company

* C *

Cahill, Gordon, Reindel & Ohl

Cahill & Wilinski

California Shipbuilding Corporation

Campfire Girls

CARE, see Committee for American Relief Everywhere

Caribean Marine Area Corporation

(Caramar) James Carlisle Trust

Carnegie Foundation

John Carroll University

Catherwood Foundation

Catholic Labor Foundation

Catholic University Youth Organization

CBS Television Network

CEDOC, see Catholic Labor Center

(CRESS) Center for Strategic Studies

Center of Studies and Social Action

(CEAS) CEOSL, see Ecuadorean Confederation of Free Trade Union Organizations

Chesapeake Foundation

Chicago College of Arts and Sciences

Citizens State Bank of Wausau

Civil Air Transport (CAT)

Clothing and Textiles Workers Union COG, see Guayana Workers Confederation

Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Company

Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)

Columbia University

Columbian Financial Development Company


“EL Commercio” Com. Suisse d’Aide aux Patrgrols

Committee for American Relief (CARE)

Committee for Correspondance

Committee for Free Albania

Committee for Liberty of Peoples

Communications Workers of America (CWA)

Confederation for an Independent Poland

Conference of the Atlantic

Community Congress for Cultural Freedom

Continental Airlines Corporation

Continental Press

Cooperative League of America

Coordinating Committee of Free Trade Unionists of Ecuador

Coordinating Secretariat of National Unions of Students (cosec), see International Student Conference (ISC)

Cornell University

Cosden Petroleum Corporation

Council on Economic and Cultural Affairs, Inc.

Council of Foreign Relations

Cox, Langford, Stoddard & Cutler

CRC, see Cuban Revolutionary Council

CROCLE, see Regional Confederation of Ecuadorean

Coastal Trade Unions Cross, Murphy and Smith

Crossroads of Africa

Crusade for Freedom

CSU, see Urugayan Labor Conference

CTM, see Mexican Worker Confederation

Cuban Portland Cement Company

Cuban Revolutionary Council (CRC, Cuban Exile)

Cummings and Seller

Curtis Publishing Company

CUT, see Uruguayan Confederation of Workers

* D *

Daddario & Burns

Debevoise, Plimpton, Lyons & Gates (West)

Deutscher Kunstlerbund

Dominion Rubber Company

Double Chek Corporation

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